Valuing Others Together

A New Community-Wide,
Year-Long Respect Initiative

2024 The Year of RESPECT

This is a magnificent mission worthy of every effort we can individually and collectively give. 2024 The Year of RESPECT is a community-wide initiative that strives to reshape our attitudes and actions toward each other.

Join us in this HEAD and HEART experience, as we take actionable steps to build a kinder community that is a light and example for the world. Let’s do this Together!

Upcoming Events With 125 Live

In partnership with 125 Live our upcoming events will be held on Thursday’s from 5:30pm – 7:00pm.

• Thursday, April 25th
• Thursday, May 23rd
• Thursday, June 13
• Thursday, July 11th
•Thursday, Aug 22
• Thursday, Sept 22

If your company or organization would like to Sponsor one of these community events. Please contact use subject line Valuing Others Together!